Elazig Academy Course

UAB academic courses are now available for students and teachers at all levels.

The online learning platform, UAB Online, has announced that it has opened the doors to all levels of the education industry with courses covering everything from the humanities to social sciences.

In a post on the UAB website, Uab President and CEO, Peter Ngo, said:The open, interactive learning platform has been created to enable students and educators to explore UAB’s rich, world-class academic curriculum and discover how it has impacted their lives and their community.

The platform allows students and faculty to work in teams and collaboratively with other students and instructors to create a customized learning experience.UAB Online aims to enable UAB students and staff to take advantage of its global reach to teach at an affordable cost to the global workforce.

The platform provides UAB with access to over 3,000 UAB Academic Courses (UACs) for students to explore, learn and apply in their studies.

The UABs are divided into six categories and are designed to provide the breadth of the curriculum that students and academics can access at UAB.

The content of each UAC can be found at Uab.com/uac and is curated by the faculty and staff.

Students can view a variety of the courses in the UACs to help them find what they are looking for.

The UAB UAC category is designed for students who have already been through the UBC program, and students are able to view all UAC courses that are available in their academic area of study.

The following UAC categories include:


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