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The NIH has been spending billions of dollars on drug development, which means it’s taking a long time to see results.

The agency announced this week it would end funding for the development of its new drug “cannabidiol” for cancer and diabetes, and has said it will start working on another “tetrahydrocannabinol” for arthritis and anxiety.

The NIH, which began a drug development program in 2009, is looking for funding to fund a new class of drugs to treat a wide range of medical conditions.

That’s a major step toward a drug that could become more widely available and cheaper than existing drugs.

Scientists have spent decades working on drugs that have already been shown to treat some ailments.

But the agency’s funding of drugs like CBD and THC has been a slow process.

Researchers were hopeful in 2014 when they found CBD could reduce seizures in people with epilepsy, and they’ve been working on CBD since 2016.

But there are some hurdles ahead of CBD, as the agency has said the drug will take longer to develop.

The DEA is also working on a new form of THC, called “high-THC marijuana,” that could be cheaper, easier to make and be more effective in treating epilepsy.

The administration announced a drug, called SR141716, that could help treat people with a form of epilepsy known as “incipient-onset epilepsy,” or IEP.

At the NIH, there are more than 100 drug development programs, but funding has been tight, and funding has also been a major sticking point.

In a recent report, the Congressional Research Service estimated that the agency had $9.4 billion in unfunded research programs in fiscal year 2016, a 6 percent increase from the year before.

And it’s still working to fund new drug development efforts.

“It’s a big deal that the NIH is trying to spend more money on research, because it means we have a better chance of getting these drugs to the market and getting them approved for human use,” said Mark Bittman, a professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

But the agency said it won’t give up on finding new drug candidates, and is working with the Food and Drug Administration to find a way to fund drug development that could eventually be approved.

It’s not clear how long it will take to develop CBD, which is used to treat conditions such as chronic pain and multiple sclerosis.

It’s also unclear whether the FDA will approve CBD or whether it will delay the drug’s approval for a while, Bittmayer said.

The FDA could also be delaying approval.

There are some obstacles for CBD, Battman said.

“We don’t know how long that will take, but it would probably be at least three years,” he said.

And there are other problems with CBD, including the fact that CBD can produce an anxiety-like reaction.

That means some people will be hesitant to try it.

And Bittmer said that there are no data showing it works for cancer patients.

“CBD can’t really be used for cancer,” he added.

We’re looking at ways to get CBD to people who have epilepsy, but CBD is so expensive that it won`t be available in every market, he said, adding that the administration wants to help people with seizures and other medical conditions access the drug.

Bittmiller said the NIH and the DEA should be focusing on the development process rather than on the drug itself.

This is an important milestone for us because it marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the development and approval of the drugs that will help patients in the future,” he wrote in a blog post.

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