Elazig Academy Course

In a rare example of a course being offered at an academic institution, two students have taken a course at Virginia Tech.

The course is offered in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

The courses were part of a larger initiative by the school, the university said.

It is not known what is taught.

The program is called “St. Andrews Seminar on Contemporary Western Art,” which is offered for students interested in modern art.

The program also is known as “St Andrews Seminary on Modern Painting and Sculpture.”

The two students, Andrew W. Laughlin and Eric H. Kohn, both 21, who also attend the school in Blacksburg, Virginia, said they decided to take the course because it is a good fit.

The two had never taken an art course before and thought it would be a fun challenge to try out an art class, Kohn said.

They did not expect it to be such a big deal.

The course is a blend of contemporary art and traditional painting, and students learn how to use various techniques.

The focus of the class is on painting, sculpture and painting history.

The students’ goal is to study contemporary art, while also working on their own work.

They also plan to get a job.

The school is offering the course as part of its College of Arts & Sciences program.

It provides the students with training in the areas of painting, design, photography, and design in a safe, secure environment, according to the school.


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