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By The Globe and Mail Staff University of Manitoba academics have discovered that students can learn more about their countries’ socio-economic and cultural history by reading a book instead of reading a textbook.

The Canadian Press reported Monday that an international research team of researchers from Canada and Germany has found that students who read an academic textbook in a field of study that is relevant to their field of interest can gain more from their studies.

The researchers, led by professor Stephen Schleifer, found that a reading of a textbook in that field of the same topic can be useful in understanding a person’s personality and attitudes.

The team said that, by reading the book instead, students learn about the history of the country, and how their country came to be what it is today.

The study was done in the field of anthropology.

It looked at research from more than 100,000 people across eight countries.

It found that reading a text about a country’s history was associated with a more positive attitude toward their country, as well as higher self-esteem and better academic performance.

It also showed that students in the study who read a book in a specific field of a subject were able to improve their academic performance by reading about that subject in the same field.

“What we found is that reading about the country in a given field has a profound effect on your ability to read the book and that you will be better prepared for that book,” said Schlefter.

“It is as if you are reading about an aspect of the world that you have not previously been exposed to.”

The study is the first to examine the relationship between reading and academic performance in different fields.

Schleifer said he has spent years researching how the way students read books affects their academic achievement and the way their societies function.

He said that research has also been done on how to make textbooks more accessible to students.

The research also looked at how students responded to a book about a different subject.

For example, a study in Canada showed that reading an academic book about the role of women in society had a greater impact on students’ academic performance than reading a different academic book.

“The key point is that a book can have a profound impact on how people read and that is really important for us,” said Dr. Stephen Schreifer.

“And as a society, we have to have an understanding of how to help people read a different book.”

Schlefer said it was important for people to read books that had a particular meaning to them.

“There are lots of books about religion and lots of other things.

There are books about the world, like this one,” said he.”

I think it’s really important to read and to listen to the people who have the knowledge, and then to be inspired by what they have to say.”

The research team said they were interested in the effect of reading about people’s cultures and the cultures of their parents.

They were interested to see if books that were culturally relevant could have a different impact on the way they read.

“We know that a lot of books have been written about the cultures and history of countries around the world,” said Professor Stephen Schlein.

“But how does one relate to a culture that you’ve never been exposed before?”

“It seems to me that if you read about a certain book, it will affect how you read a certain other book.

But you don’t know how that affects you until you have a chance to read it,” said Prof Schlefer.”

That’s why it’s important to be really aware of your own culture and your own history and your culture’s history, and not just look at your own books and read about the books you’re reading.””

The important thing is to read about people who you know have the right experience, who have been involved in their own countries,” said the professor.”

Because the book doesn’t tell you how they read it.

It’s about the people.”

The students who had been exposed the book were then asked to do the same research with a different group of students.

“We were really interested in how the impact of the book on the students, the impact on their performance, the performance of their teacher and the teacher’s ability to teach,” said researcher Professor Stephen Schlleifer.

The students in this study were also asked to complete an essay on their own country.

Schlleifer says that, in this project, the students read a chapter from a book that was relevant to the field they were studying in.

This is what they ended up with:”When we first started, we read this chapter from the book that had the most impact on our study,” said Schllefer, who added that it was a good book for those who wanted to learn about a particular topic.

Schléifer said it’s a good idea to read a lot, and he recommends the classics like Plato’s Republic, the works of French authors


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