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The NFL, the world’s most popular sports league, is about to enter a new era with an entirely new business model.

For the first time ever, the NFL is going to have its own network of colleges and universities.

The new partnership, which was announced Thursday by the NFL Players Association, will allow colleges and schools to connect with the league through an entirely different platform.

This will give teams and players a way to connect directly with fans and players, and will allow the NFL to build and invest in an ecosystem of fans, fans, players and communities that the league has traditionally been unable to attract.

“The NFL has a unique brand, but also has a deep, dedicated fan base,” NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith said in a statement.

“As we move into this new era of the NFL, we will continue to invest in this unique relationship.”

The NFLPA has been in talks with the college and university associations for several years, and recently the two groups had a “productive” meeting.

The NFL was founded in 1888 as the National Football League, and has always been an exclusive sport for college athletes.

But in the last decade, college and professional football teams have begun to expand into other parts of the country, like the NFL Draft and free agency.

The deal is the latest step in the NFL’s effort to become more of a business than a league.

The NFL is currently in the midst of renegotiating a deal that runs through 2028, and in December the league agreed to pay $2 billion to settle antitrust charges.

The league also is negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement that will be announced in 2018.

The new partnership will allow college and universities to be partners with the NFL on the platform they use to reach their fans.

It will also give college and school administrators access to NFL video game content and other content from the NFL Network.

The two sides have already been working together on the new partnership.

The NCAA is part of the new agreement and will continue as a sponsor for the league’s football games.

The announcement was made by Commissioner Roger Goodell at a ceremony in Los Angeles where the NFL and the NCAA were to announce the new platform.

“I’m proud to announce that the NFLPA will partner with the College and University Associations to deliver a unique platform that will allow these two organizations to be part of this new business partnership,” Goodell said.

The partnership will also provide additional benefits for college and football programs that have already benefited from the current partnerships.

The college and student-athletes have already benefitted from the league having its own video content, as well as access to a growing number of college football games from the networks that are part of its existing streaming service, NFL GamePass.

The partnership also will provide the college football programs access to games that are broadcast by CBS and NBC.

In addition, the new deal will give the college programs access on a wide variety of platforms to NFL, NFL Network, ESPN and other NFL programming that they otherwise would not have access to.

College football programs are already able to stream some of the games they can access through the NFLN, but that network has been limited to a few major networks and smaller teams.

The league has also been investing in its own digital properties in recent years.

In October, it launched its own mobile video platform, NFL Mobile, which will allow viewers to watch the NFL games they love on their smart phones, tablets and computers.


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