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A former Catholic high school principal in Louisiana was fired from his job over the school’s failure to teach that God the Supreme Being is the supreme authority.

The former principal, David Ruggiero, was a pastor of the First Baptist Church of LaPlace, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Ruggie was fired on Monday.

Ruggieros resignation came just days after President Donald Trump announced the creation of a commission to look into how faith-based institutions are being impacted by the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, which requires that religious organizations offer health insurance for their employees.

Rigoberto Sanchez-Lopez, who taught history and science at LaPlace High School, resigned after learning he was leaving, according the Louisiana Public Radio affiliate KATC.

He told the station he decided to resign after he saw the coverage of the controversy around the Catholic schools decision to not offer health coverage to their employees because it violates their faith.

Rosenberg, who was in his third year as the school principal, told KATCs reporter, Jeff Smith, that he had been informed that he was being fired and that the school would not be offered insurance by the state.

Rugeros resignation comes less than two weeks after a report by the Associated Press found that at least one Catholic school in Louisiana had failed to offer health care coverage to its employees.

A report from the AP cited two unnamed Catholic schools as saying that it had been offered insurance but declined.


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