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College students are still being denied access to courses, and a new study finds many colleges are limiting their ability to offer credit for them.

A new study by The Hill and the Atlantic found that a small number of colleges and universities are limiting students’ credit eligibility to credit for coursework and exams that are either already taken or taken by students who are currently enrolled in courses they may not have completed.

The study found that students at colleges and university campuses in Texas, Florida, California, New Jersey, Ohio, Illinois, and Virginia have been denied access for over a year.

In a letter to the administration of one of the universities in the study, a student told the administration that the “major reason” she was denied was because she failed to complete a course.

The letter, obtained by The Atlantic, said that the college was concerned that a student who had just completed the course was not a registered student for credit purposes, which would prevent them from earning a degree from the college.

However, the college could not provide students with the necessary information to verify that they had taken the course.

A student at another school in the state of Texas, a state that is home to more colleges and is home base for many students in the country, told the school that the same reason she was blocked from attending a course was because her academic performance had been low.

“You can only get a diploma if you actually finish,” the student said.

According to the students letter, the students were able to obtain a certificate after completing the course but only because the school was “in compliance with the requirements of the state law that provides for certificate issuance.”

The students letter said that “the students were told that they were in compliance with that law by the College, but they had no information from the College that could verify the status of their degree or the certificate.”

The College did not respond to a request for comment from The Atlantic.

A spokesman for the school in Texas told The Atlantic that students were “given a list of requirements and were encouraged to meet them.”

He added that the school did not “have any indication that any of these students were not completing their degree requirements.”

The spokesman added that all students were informed of the requirements before their enrollment was placed on hold, but that the schools policy “remains unchanged.”

The Atlantic report notes that there are many different types of academic courses, from credit-based courses to coursework that is designed to teach students specific skills, such as writing.

The Atlantic also noted that many college courses are offered for free or at a reduced cost to students who can’t afford the cost of attending a full-fledged college.

A spokesperson for the University of Texas at Austin said in a statement to The Atlantic: “The University has no comment at this time.”


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