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Students will no longer receive financial aid in most cases if they don’t hold a degree, according to the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO).

The organization’s latest report on the impact of the Trump administration’s financial aid rules on college and university life, which was released Tuesday, warns that this could lead to students not getting a college degree or taking on loans to pay for it.

The report also warns that the loss of financial aid may lead students to drop out of college altogether.

The NACUBA, which represents more than 4,500 colleges and universities, said it will be making changes to its financial aid policy to ensure students don’t lose out on financial aid if they do not meet financial need.

Students who receive federal financial aid will no long receive financial assistance from colleges or universities if they cannot prove they are pursuing a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

The federal government currently grants grants to more than 300,000 students who have a bachelor degree, which is considered a graduate degree, and more than a quarter of those students are women.

The policy changes are the latest of many in recent months to make college less affordable for students, especially women.

Many universities have started to make financial aid more difficult, cutting off grants to students who do not have a high school diploma or some college credits, such as a bachelor of science or an associate degree.

Many colleges and other public universities also have started limiting how much financial aid students can receive in addition to grants.

Under the Trump Administration, federal financial assistance to colleges and university will not be reduced for students without a high-school diploma or a bachelor in business administration.

That includes financial aid that may be awarded to students on a part-time basis to help them earn a living.

The new policy will prevent the administration from making changes that could cause students to lose out financially on financial assistance.

NACIBO’s chief executive officer, Dan Schmidhuber, said the administration’s policy is meant to help students meet their financial needs while keeping colleges and their partners on track to meet the needs of students who want to pursue a degree.

Schmidhuber said he expected colleges and schools to begin to implement a new policy next week to better inform students about their options for pursuing a degree or continuing their studies.

He said colleges and colleges and educational institutions will work with the new administration to ensure they can make their programs more accessible to students with limited financial resources.

NacIBO also noted that the new policy is not expected to affect other forms of aid, such the federal Pell grant, which students can use to help pay for college.

Students should be able to apply for federal grants and loans if they have a strong academic record, have a college diploma or are enrolled in an accredited vocational or professional program, Schmidhwber said.


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