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As of the end of January 2017, the average German has a high-school diploma that has only a 5 percent chance of being a high college degree, according to a report released by the federal government’s Higher Education Agency (Bundeskriminalamt) in December 2017.

In a country that has been under the shadow of the financial crisis, the lack of quality higher education has been a major problem for many Germans.

In December 2016, the BKA announced that it was considering scrapping the HESA, the German Higher Education Act, which was passed in the aftermath of the crisis.

Under the law, German citizens can only be granted a vocational school if they have already completed a higher education course in Germany.

Since then, students from abroad have been able to complete their degrees in Germany with little to no cost.

The new law has also been criticized for having a negative impact on vocational schools and students.

In the past few months, several German universities, including Berlin’s Freiburg University, Berlin’s Max Planck Institute for Applied Physics and Berlin’s Free University have announced plans to change the law to provide more flexibility for higher education students.

However, according, there are still many who are concerned about the future of vocational schools.

The German government recently announced it was reviewing the Hesa to see if it should be repealed or extended.

A report released on January 5 by the German Federation of Higher Education Associations (Kreisgabe Gesellschaft) argued that it is the responsibility of the government to determine if vocational schools are being reformed.

The KGFA stated that the current HESA “has been designed for only a limited period of time, and does not allow for an appropriate development of vocational education.”

While some may argue that the HSA is too strict for Germany’s current economic conditions, the government’s stance is not supported by the KGTA.

“We believe the reform of vocational school programmes is necessary to allow the future development of the workforce,” the KGA said in a statement.

The HESA is set to expire on July 1.

If the reform fails, the KGFFA believes that the state of Bavaria will need to provide a “substantial” amount of financial support for the remaining students.

The current reform is part of a government effort to reform vocational schools in Germany, and some are not happy about the idea of having to pay to attend a vocational course.

“The HSA has not changed our educational standards,” Kristian Süß, the chairman of the association of the German-language courses of the Federal Institute for Technical Education (BIT) and an outspoken critic of the HISA, told the Berliner Zeitung newspaper.

“There is no change in the HSPA, it is just the HASE (Higher Education Act).”

The BKA’s latest report also pointed out that vocational schools can offer more advanced degrees, such as MSc, MSc/PhD, PhD and M.


The report added that vocational courses are now available for students from all levels, regardless of whether they are pursuing a bachelor’s degree or a master’s.

However it remains to be seen how the government will react to the KGGFA’s recommendations.

According to the Higher Education Law Review Commission, a committee formed by the government in December to review the legislation, there is still a long way to go before the law is fully reformed.


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