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Oxford University academics earned a boost in their academic standing by finishing the Oxford Academic Leveling Courses (AALC) last week, boosting their total standing to 5,000, according to an article by Tech Insider.

The AALC is a series of courses that aim to help universities boost their academic standards.

The courses are designed to help students to prepare for and succeed in the AALCs, which require students to work in teams to master certain subjects, such as English, mathematics, and engineering. 

Oxford students are expected to pass an exam at the end of the semester to demonstrate they have a passing grade.

“There are several reasons why we’re so excited about the AALS and we are excited to continue to work with Oxford to improve our academic standing,” Professor Paul Wills, who is also the director of the Oxford Research Centre, told Tech Insider in an email.

“For one, we’re very pleased to see the number of students completing the courses increase, and more importantly, to see that Oxford’s AALS are continuing to grow.

For those students who have already taken AALS, we are very pleased that we have seen an increase in their AALS scores, which in turn means we’re now able to keep offering them further courses and to provide further opportunities for further improvement.” 

Oxbridge students, as a whole, have been in the news lately for their work on social media, with students taking to Twitter and Instagram to share their personal information and complaints about academics.

Oxford is not the only university to make a splash in the social media sphere. 

According to Oxgate, in 2016, the online travel platform Expedia sold a number of its luxury flights to the University of California, Berkeley.

According to Expedia, they “used their platform to share a series in which UC Berkeley students, who had been involved in a social media campaign to encourage more travel to Berkeley, were given a free ticket to the university on their first business day.”

This year, a new report from the University of Oxford found that more than one in 10 UK universities had experienced an increase or a fall in their students’ AALc scores from 2016 to 2017.

In the UK, it is the highest level of academic achievement achieved since 2013, when more than 100,000 students took the exams.

Oxford University’s ranking has increased by about 20 points over the past year.

AALc is a ranking of academic degrees, which are graded by the same standards as a high school diploma.

The university also has a student-to-student AALcation, which is a partnership between Oxford and Oxford University Students, the student union. 

The university is also using the Aalcation to increase its number of online courses. 

In 2017, Oxford students took nearly three times as many online courses as they did in 2015.

In 2018, the university said it will open its online AALcent to a much wider audience, including students in rural areas, those who do not live in Oxford and those who are in universities. 

As part of its new AALction, Oxford is offering online courses through Oxford University Courses.


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