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Christina Nesch is one of the best-known voices in the fields of romance, marriage and parenting.

Her book Happily Married, published by HarperCollins in May, has been praised by readers, reviewers and critics alike for its attention to personal stories and the human relationship.

Riesch, a self-described “soulful, funny, funny-making writer,” spoke to New York magazine about how her writing helps her stay grounded in the present and also how the book has helped her become a more effective and compassionate person.

(I want to make it clear, this interview has been edited for length and clarity.)

In the introduction to her book, she writes that the key to happiness is “being in the moment.”

I wanted to explore this with a couple of things.

One is that there are times when I really want to think about what is happening in my life, and I feel like I’m in a very good place.

But sometimes I just don’t want to be thinking about it, and that’s a very, very bad thing.

So, the other thing is that I really do have a very happy marriage, which I think is important for us.

It’s something that has worked very well for me for so many years, and my husband has done the best he could for me.

I really wanted to find out what that is and what my husband does in his marriage that has made it work for him, and how I can be a part of it.

So I started by reading through the book and I started to look at some of the stuff in it, the personal stuff.

There was this whole book about how I was very insecure about my ability to marry.

And so, it was just a lot of, like, I’m not getting married!

That kind of stuff, I had to read through the whole thing, and when I finally got to the point where I knew I had a good relationship with my husband, I was like, “Oh my god, this is it!”

I feel really good about it now, but I still have a lot to learn.

But I think it is a really good book.

I think that it’s really important for people to know that if you want to have a happy marriage and a happy relationship, it’s all about your happiness, and it’s about the love you have for each other, and then the love that you have in your relationship with your children.

So if you have a bad relationship with yourself and you don’t have that love, that is a huge part of the reason why you are not happy, because that is why you feel insecure and you are unhappy in your relationships.

So you have to have that deep love for each others’ happiness, that deep, unconditional love that will always come from a deep, loving relationship, which is something that can really change the trajectory of your life.

Riech also says that a couple is not a “perfect marriage,” but that they can make a good one.

She writes that “if you love your husband, if you love each other and if you are together for the long haul, then you are probably going to have wonderful marriages.”

So, I think we are living in a wonderful time right now, where we have a beautiful, powerful, stable, successful, happy marriage.

I feel good about the marriage and I am really, really happy.

I have a great, wonderful, strong, loving marriage.

So that’s all I can really say about my marriage.

If you’re in a marriage where you love and care about each other for the longest time, and your partner does what you ask, you have fantastic marriage, because you love for what you want, and you care for what they need.

So thank you, thank you for reading this.

I know that I’ve had a lot, if not all of my life to think of a happy married couple, and this is something I would really like to try and do, and to give you a little insight into what is going on in my marriage and how it works.


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