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The latest cryptocurrency to enter the mainstream, Ethereum, has had a great year.

It has made it a popular choice for businesses, investors, and users alike.

However, it has faced criticism from some quarters for not doing enough to protect its network.

The latest move comes from the Ethereum Foundation, a group that supports the development of the platform.

In an interview with CNBC, the group’s CEO, Vitalik Buterin, said that the Ethereum network was vulnerable to malicious actors, including actors who had stolen the network’s cryptographic keys.

“We are aware of some actors who are exploiting a weakness in the Ethereum blockchain, so we’ve started investigating,” Buterun said.

“The best defense is a strong defense.”

The Bitcoin network was also attacked in February, when a group called the Dark Wallet claimed responsibility for breaking into Bitcoin’s database, and stealing a massive amount of Bitcoins from the cryptocurrency’s network.

As a result, the price of Bitcoin went down and, as a result of this, many investors and users have lost confidence in its viability.

Buterim stated that while the Bitcoin network is not a particularly secure blockchain, the network is far better than many other blockchain platforms, such as Ethereum.

“This is why Ethereum has been successful, because it’s a blockchain with a lot of security,” he said.

The Ethereum Foundation also announced a series of initiatives to help improve the security of the blockchain, including a series called “Ethereum Security and Transparency,” which aims to improve the overall security of Ethereum.

The organization plans to release an “EtherWallet 2.0” in 2020.


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