Elazig Academy Course

source Reddit title 5 Tips for Writing Academic Quotes article source TechCrunch article 1.

Read the whole essay 2.

Ask the author for advice 3.

Include a summary 4.

Make sure to link to a reference 5.

Check for grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. 6.

Make a good copy and send it to the author 7.

Include the link to your paper in the title.


Include your grade in the bio section.


Include all the links in the text.


Keep the bio brief.


Keep it short and sweet!


Include links to your academic articles, papers, videos, etc… 13.

If you have multiple articles in the same paper, include the links to all of them in your bio section 14.

Include short descriptions of each one 15.

Include citations if you are linking to your papers.


Include any other useful information that you think is helpful.


Make your paper easily searchable by keyword.


Include an image for the title page if you would like to see it more prominently in your paper.


Include one or more comments that are relevant to your topic.


If there is any type of error in your submission, please include a copy of your paper and a description of the error so that others can correct it. 21.

Submit your paper as soon as possible.


If your paper does not get accepted, you may contact the author.


If a paper does get accepted it will be published and the link will appear on the page.


If no response is received from the author, the paper will be accepted as a response to the original submission.


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