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In the wake of Donald Trump’s victory, the 2016 presidential election and the 2016 US Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage, many parents have been looking for ways to keep their children in school beyond graduation.

But the challenges of planning a new education for a child with learning challenges, as well as how to make sure students are on track to finish the course they are currently enrolled in, have led many parents to rethink their options.

We talked to parents and experts to learn more about how to find a new educational path for your child.

Read moreIn the 2016 election and Supreme Court case, same-gender marriage became legal nationwide and the Supreme Court ruled that states could no longer deny marriage licenses to same-age couples who want to wed.

So, in an effort to ensure students with learning and social challenges are enrolled in college, many states are trying to increase their student-to-faculty ratio, which is the number of college-age students enrolled at a given institution.

“This is a major issue for students with disabilities,” said Melissa Fenn, a graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh.

“There is an increase in the number and complexity of challenges that students with academic disabilities face and they’re also experiencing a higher burden of having to do the same homework and be on the same course schedule as their peers.

It’s a challenge for students to balance their learning and learning demands, and they also face a lot of challenges in how to balance that.”

One approach is to increase the number or complexity of courses in a child’s college major, which could be as simple as adding a semester to the time they are enrolled at the school.

Fenn said, for example, adding a third semester to a second-year history course would make it possible for students in a single major to be on track for a fourth-year degree in the future.

“In many cases, a lot will depend on what you do with the third year of the school year,” Fenn told The Huffington Post.

“If you are really committed to the core of the major and you are going to be a student-facilitator for that major, you might want to add that semester.”

For those parents who are struggling to balance academic demands with their desire to have their children stay in school, there is a more nuanced approach that can help them create a more sustainable plan.

“I have found a way to create a student to faculty ratio that I feel is a little bit more aligned with the school’s mission, that it’s more about a balance between what the school does for students and what they are doing for the student,” said Maryam, a teacher who works with a diverse student population.

Maryam said the primary challenge for her students is that they are in the minority of students who do not have the same ability to access resources like tutors.

Maryam said she tries to have her students attend as many school-based events as possible and that she works with the students and their parents to figure out the best schedule for them to attend those events.

“When you have a small number of students with limited resources and you’re trying to make the most out of that, it’s tough because you don’t have that many resources for people with disabilities, so you have to find ways to have a flexible schedule,” Maryam told The HuffPost.

“You have to balance the learning needs of the students with the resource needs of parents, and then you have your students who are not academically prepared.”

Maryam also has found a number of ways to manage the workload that her students have in college.

“My students come home, they need to come back, they go to the grocery store, they work on their homework,” she said.

“That’s what they do on a regular basis.

I try to have them have as much flexibility as possible, and I try not to give them too much time off.

They have to go back to school.

I’m always asking them, ‘What are you going to do with all that time you have?’

I don’t want them to be too stressed.”

Fenn, who teaches students with developmental disabilities, said that the challenge of balancing an academic schedule for her and her students comes in when it comes to scheduling an education.

“The more students that are enrolled, the more they need that school day to be done,” Finn said.

Felling the student to staff model is one way that can ensure that students do not end up with a “student to staff” model.

“One of the best ways that I’ve found is to have my students go to a different school for the first two years,” Fann said.

While this might seem counterintuitive, Fenn points out that students who have the ability to attend school for a long time have the greatest opportunity to excel academically.

“If you’re in a class where they have the most flexibility in the classroom, they are going have the best chance to get through the year,” she told HuffPost


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