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Microsoft’s academic foundation is the first of its kind, providing access to top-tier courses at the University of Michigan and other U.S. universities.

But Microsoft and other tech giants often offer lower-priced, more niche offerings, and academics often struggle to find them in libraries and other public spaces. 

The Microsoft Academic Foundation is a program that offers access to Microsoft’s online courses, but the program doesn’t have a central repository of top-level course material.

This is why it’s not clear how many Microsoft courses there are in the program’s database.

The foundation’s website says its purpose is to “help you become a more effective and successful Microsoft employee.” 

The foundation’s mission statement is to help students become “better Microsoft professionals.”

The foundation says that Microsoft’s “academic mission is to empower our community of learners, researchers, educators, and community leaders through excellence in teaching and learning.”

But the foundation’s description of the program makes it unclear how many courses it offers, if any, and if the foundation can be trusted to offer any of the courses listed on its website. 

One Microsoft course offered by the foundation is a tutorial on how to create an online dashboard.

The course, “Microsoft Azure Cloud Data Analytics,” is not in the foundation website.

The company says it’s for “individuals with an interest in data analytics.”

The course does not list a price.

Microsoft has not responded to a request for comment.

Microsoft also does not provide a list of Microsoft online courses that are offered in libraries.

The Microsoft Academic foundation has a list for its online courses.

But the list does not include any of Microsoft’s top-ranked online courses or those that are free.

The list includes courses that include information about Microsoft Office products, but not courses that teach students how to use Microsoft products or create content for Microsoft websites.

Microsoft’s list of online courses also does’t list any courses that it has offered since October, when the foundation launched its first online course.

The first Microsoft online course was offered on January 8, 2016. 

Another Microsoft course, called “Microsoft Analytics: Getting Started,” is listed on the foundation list.

It says it is for “students interested in how to become a better Microsoft analyst.”

The Microsoft Analytics course, which is free, does not contain any course content.

Microsoft said it has added more than 1,000 online courses since then. 

While Microsoft says it has “added more than 3,500 online courses and thousands of online modules since October,” the foundation lists none of those courses as “new.” 

Microsoft’s online learning is the third-largest source of revenue for the company.

Microsoft reported revenue of $1.7 billion in fiscal year 2016, and the foundation reported revenue that year of $3.3 billion.

Microsoft earned $6.6 billion in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2017.

Microsoft did not respond to questions about how many online courses it offered. 

In October, the foundation posted a list on its online course catalog that included six Microsoft courses. 

At the time, Microsoft said that the six courses were not in its catalog. 

“The list does contain courses not offered by Microsoft in its current catalog,” Microsoft said in an email to Fortune.

“We’re continually adding courses to the list.” 

Since then, Microsoft has removed three of the six Microsoft online classes from its online catalog.

Microsoft also says that it removed three Microsoft courses from its catalog that were free. 

Microsoft also released a list in November of courses it had added to its online curriculum, which it says it plans to update every quarter.

Microsoft did not say how many of those course are no longer in its online library.

Microsoft says that its online offerings help students find jobs and advance in their careers.

But experts say that it can also be difficult to find the best courses to help make that happen. 

There are many online education platforms for learning, and there are some that offer courses that students can take in a virtual environment, said Susan Coyle, a professor of psychology at the U.C. Berkeley School of Education.

The platforms all have similar requirements, she said.

For example, Coursera says it can only offer courses from accredited colleges.

Courseras website also says it offers only “online courses from reputable universities” but “most online courses are offered by non-accredited universities.”

The University of California is a public institution that accredits its students through a partnership with Pearson, which provides some online learning platforms.

Pearson declined to comment on whether it offers online courses to UC students.

The University Of California has said that it will make the university’s online offerings available to students starting in January. 

But there are other online platforms for education that are not accredited, said Andrew Johnson, a lecturer at the London School of Economics. 

Students at UC San Diego can take courses from


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