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U.S. researchers report a lower rate of vaccine-induced infections among non-medical workers than previously reported.

The study, published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, found that only 9.4% of the non-medicinal employees who reported being infected with the virus were vaccinated.

The study found no statistically significant difference between those who were vaccinated and those who weren’t.

The researchers also found that the vaccine was safe to use among medical workers.

The vaccine was only effective at preventing HPV-16 infections among workers in the highest-risk groups, the researchers said.

The vaccine did not significantly reduce the incidence of non-HPV infections among medical staff, even among those in the lowest-risk group.

A report published earlier this year found that vaccines were ineffective against the virus, with only 8% of vaccine recipients meeting the criteria for vaccination.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that vaccine effectiveness can vary by infection stage.

The vaccination rate is much higher in early stages of infection.

The CDC also says that the majority of HPV infections in the U.K. are among people who had sex with a partner who was at least 19 years old.


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