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The test questions on the SAT and ACT can vary greatly from exam to exam, but the most common is the section asking students to answer five questions in an attempt to score points.

Students should only take the questions they need to score a certain number of points, but if they don’t know how to answer them, they can still score higher than their intended score.

To get a feel for what it means to score higher on the exam, take the quiz below.

The first question asks students to name three adjectives to describe a given noun.

The next question asks them to identify two adjectives that describe the adjective.

The last question asks the student to identify three adjectival verbs, a noun or verb, and an adjective.

Students can only answer four of the questions correctly, which are: to be, to be good, to know, to do, and to be wise.

The other two questions are for students to describe what they learned in the class.

For the SAT, the question asks if the student has taken any writing assignments, which can include essays and test writing.

The SAT has also asked the questions about the number of questions asked in a given semester.

The question asks, if you take a class of 50 students, how many questions would you expect to have taken in a semester, or how many would you think you could have taken, in your entire college career?

For the ACT, the first question is whether students answered a single-digit percentage of the SAT-WRQ-CRQ-RNG questions correctly.

The second question is for students if they were able to answer a single question in their class, how well did they do on the test.

The final question is asking students if the amount of time they spent on each question in the course was as high as the average time they spend answering each question on the ACT.

The ACT has also added a fourth question, “how well do you do on all the questions in your SAT exam?”

The SAT and the ACT are widely used tests, but they can also be difficult for people who don’t have an advanced degree or high school diploma.


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