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The Queen said it is not okay to be racist.

The question was asked during a meeting with the British Council on Wednesday. 

Queen Elizabeth II said it was wrong to be sexist or discriminatory. 

“To be racist and sexist is wrong,” she said. 

She said the Queen was not a racist, but was “not always aware of how we treat other people”.

“We need to do better,” she added.

Queen Elizabeth, who is 86, said the issue of racism and sexism should not be downplayed in the public debate.

“It is very much part of the human condition and we should all be proud of our country, she said at the meeting in London.

The Queen also said she hoped the UK’s relationship with the European Union would be better after Brexit.”

I’m hopeful that our relationship will be better,” the monarch said.

The monarch met the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, at the Buckingham Palace on Wednesday and said she wanted to work with him to find solutions to the issues of Brexit and immigration.”

As a British citizen I want to work towards a future that is good for everyone and I hope that the Prime Minister will be supportive of this,” she told reporters after the meeting.”

We will have a constructive dialogue.” 

The Queen said the British people needed to make sure they had an open mind.”

The Queen does not take lightly the challenges and stresses that we are a country of tolerance and diversity,” she wrote on Twitter.”

There are too many people who are not part of that and are unwilling to acknowledge it, so I hope we can overcome that.

And the UK will always be there for other countries to take advantage of our shared opportunities.”‘”

The UK has an important role to play in promoting peace and democracy, and in promoting justice and human rights.”

And the UK will always be there for other countries to take advantage of our shared opportunities.”‘

This is about a woman’  Queen Beatrix of Romania, the Queen’s grandmother, told reporters at the Royal Palace that she did not think the Queen could be racist because she is a woman.”

I think it’s not about a man. “

It is a cultural issue.

I think it’s not about a man.

It’s about a women.” 

She also said the US was not racist and said the UK could have the same relationship with France.

“For all of us it is a matter of how can we be a good neighbour and have a better relationship with all countries in the world,” she concluded.

The BBC has contacted the British government for comment.


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