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A new study finds that Berkeley, Calif., is the loudest and most well-educated campus in the United States.

The National Science Foundation found that the city has the second-highest rate of engineering graduates in the nation, with nearly 8% of its engineering students achieving engineering degrees, according to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Berkeley has been recognized for its success in engineering for decades, said Lisa Kornell, the institute’s associate director of research.

It was the top engineering city for years, but it was just not as prominent in the national news, she said.

We wanted to see what was happening nationally and nationally in the way engineering schools were reporting on the profession and what we found is that engineering graduates are much more visible in the media, Kornel said.

The report found that Berkeley’s engineering schools reported the highest number of engineering degrees in their respective regions.

Kornell said the results of the report show that engineers in Berkeley are doing well in terms of academic achievement.

Berkeley is considered one of the most academically active cities in the country, and it’s ranked number one for the percentage of engineering students who go on to go into engineering, Koss said.

Berkeleys education department has a large engineering department and the city is home to some of the top universities in the U.S., she said, adding that the data is particularly relevant to Berkeley’s growing engineering workforce.

Berkeley was one of only six cities in America that had a greater percentage of engineers going on to engineering than in 2013, according the report.

Berberts engineering department also has a strong pipeline of engineers that is well-established, Korkel said, pointing to its alumni.

Berkeley has over 7,000 students from engineering programs, including more than 5,000 who are current or former employees of tech companies, according Koss.

Berkelins engineering department is also one of just two that have engineering degrees for every graduate, Kalk, the city’s former dean, said.

That means the university’s engineering graduates have the highest rate of college graduation in the state, Kussell said.

And it’s also a big factor in how many engineers Berkeley has as well.

It’s a high percentage, Karkell said, in that engineering schools in Berkeley report they have a large number of graduates.

Kussell also noted that Berkeley has a great reputation as a city with strong engineering education.

It has an engineering program that is very well regarded in the industry, and also it has the highest percentage of students with a master’s degree in engineering in the county, she added.

Korkell said she believes that is an important factor for the city to be a very prominent engineering destination.

Korkel also noted Berkeley has strong ties to technology companies, including its technology incubator.

She said Berkeley is an example of an engineering city that is trying to make the most of its tech community.

Berkes tech industry is booming, Kitzel said with the city having more than 300 startups and over 20 technology companies.

Tech companies like Facebook and Airbnb are headquartered here, she noted.


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