Elazig Academy Course

A series of videos showing how to become a coffee academic.

It can be a challenge, but the course offers lots of options and it is worth the time to look into the subject if you are keen to make the most of your future career.

This course aims to show you the ins and outs of the profession of academic research.

It has been created by a team of academics from universities around the UK.

The aim is to get the best possible graduates and train them to become the best researchers and academics.

This is the first in a series of courses created by the Coffee Academic Centre (CC) and offers an opportunity to get an academic education in the subject.

You can apply to the programme by downloading the application form, clicking on ‘register now’ and selecting ‘apply for this course’.

In this course, you will learn how to work as a research assistant, prepare research proposals, publish papers and apply for grants.

You will also be asked to take part in a short interview course with a professional who will then help you to become an academic research associate.

The course aims at a very broad range of subjects, from the study of coffee to how to conduct a coffee analysis and write a paper.

It is a course that has been developed with the input of several coffee academics who have worked in various fields including science, technology, engineering and health.

To find out more about the CC, click here to visit the course website


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