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A wave of students on their own to study an academic editing class at university has seen the number of students enrolled grow by almost 2,500 since the start of the academic year.

Key points:Students are now more likely to study the course than ever beforeCourses are becoming more popular with students in the area with the highest numbers of studentsAccording to the ACTU, more than 70 per cent of students are now enrolled in an academic writing course at universityThe ACTU said the number was the highest number it had seen since the last academic year and it was a sign of the changing landscape of university courses.

In its latest data on academic writing courses, the ACTUs National Academic Writing Course Network said enrolments have grown by almost 700 students, with the largest numbers of enrolments coming from Canberra.

“It’s a big number and it’s really, really impressive that we’ve seen that kind of growth,” ACTU President, Catherine Rundle, said.

“That is really a great sign for the ACT and the way in which we’re going to be operating in the next three to five years.”ACTU’s national executive director of student services, Kristy Wigglesworth, said the rise in enrolments had been due to an increasing number of Australian students going to university with a preference for academic editing.

“In the last year, about half of all students who went to university studied an academic editor course, so that’s up from just a little over a third last year,” she said.

Ms Wiggels said more students were taking courses outside of the ACT as well, with more students studying at university in Queensland and NSW than in Canberra.

She said she was pleased with the trend but believed that academic editing courses were becoming more and more popular.

“I think we’re in a time where we’re seeing a big change in the academic editing industry, so I think that’s going to see more and better enrolments going forward,” Ms Wigges said.

The ACTUTs national president, Catherine Wiggens, says students are taking courses at university with the most preference for a course in academic editing, which has seen enrolments grow by nearly 700 students.



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